Monday, 15 December 2008

Xmas shopping!!!

I am not a great shopper, get bored easily, get annoyed with crowds easily and very easily find the whole shopping thing an infinitely unnecessary experience. When I buy gifts I like to put some thought into it and then just go and get them. Endless walking around in and out of shops buying useless stuff is not my idea of fun.
To get me to go shopping with you I either have to like you a lot (so it's just an occasion to meet and have a bit of a laugh) or you must have very special convincing talents!
Good company is the safest bet to get me out and about so I did venture into shops today, believe it or not some of them were "suppliers to Santa Klaus" since the 70ties. Good one hey?

Did you know you can BUILD YOUR OWN teddy bears nowadays? I felt very backwards for not knowing that, duh. You go into a shop and put various elements of bears together to go with your liking. I did want to try but apparently you can't just build a bear and not buy it as it would be like taking a dress from a shop, going to a party in it and then give it back. Go figure. Looks like you pay for the privilege of building the bear as such!

I managed to buy a few gifts and some Christmas cards - got to write them all now!

What's the funniest shop you've ever been to? If you think you tried them all, go to a poundshop - hilarious. And very inexpensive ;) Best source for fun gifts ever ;)

Thumbs up for shopping malls in winter - warm and you don't have to walk far. And they have those little coffee places with super soft leather sofas to collapse in from time to time.

Now, something of concern, I seem to have this grammatical issue with a plural of 'sheep' (I just call them sheeps, you see) and for some weird reason I kept coming across sheep everywhere today in various forms, shapes and sizes. A bit of a déjà vu sort of experience ;)

Now, I just need to give some thought into a few more pressies.
If you are reading - thanks for a fun day Jelly Baby.
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