Monday, 14 September 2009

Day (Not) to Remember

I rode Kingsley today and he wasn't right. At first it felt like some discomfort behind. I asked a friend to hop on him so I could see what was happening from the ground and there was definitely something wrong.
We took him onto the hard surface where he showed lameness on both front feet on both reins...
I phoned the vet practice to speak to the vet who did the 5 stage vetting prior the purchase but couldn't get hold of him and he still hasn't called me back.
Different vet is coming to have a look tomorrow. No idea what to think about it really. He looks uncomfortable through the shoulders/front feet but I haven't done any hard work on hard surface to justify concussion of any sort. He was worked 30 minutes 3 times on the lunge since I got him plus did some canter work and 20 minutes schooling session on a very good rubber track surface. Again nothing to really explain the problem. As far as I know he didn't have any mad galloping experiences while in the field and was off staying in yesterday due to a show at the yard and no turn out.
I am going to reserve the speculations until the vet gives his opinion tomorrow.

Horses really are a truly up and DOWN experience. And if you ever forget that they make sure you remember that asap.

To top it up I spoke to my brother today and Poker passed away. He had a heart attack at night.

Got a massive headache now and wish life was a bit smoother more often. Amazingly I managed to convince Rick to come with me to the stables today - of all days!
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