Monday, 21 September 2009

Mr. Trouble's legs saga

It's been a nice day today. First of all I had a luxurious amount of sleep, then went out for a breakfast in the park with Ricky. Those sunny autumn mornings are just stunning. Organised a few things around the house, managed to do some washing and a bit of tidying up.
Then off to see Kingsley. Mr. Trouble was shod all round this morning and it certainly made a difference to his general feet balance, hoof-pastern angles and size of hooves.
The swelling in the hind legs went down by half, the off hind is still quite puffy though. Here are some photos from last few days. Most recent is at the very bottom.

Pics.1: Second Day of box rest/bute (2xday). No shoes behind. All four legs filled.

Pic.2: Third day of rest, bute. Cold hosed twice a day 10 minutes each leg.

Pics.3: Today. Last day of box rest and bute. Shod all round.

The front legs are looking very well, there is no swelling present there at all. Not sure if that can be seen from those photos but hind legs have much more definition to the tendons and the swelling is now greatly reduced.
I found a tiny scabs at the back of his fetlocks which resemble very low grade mud fever/cracked heels marks. It was suggested to me that the swelling of this sort and joint stiffness could be caused by mud fever so will add this to the possible causes and discuss with the vet.
He is walking out of his stable much better but still doesn't look 100% comfortable. He will have another day rest tomorrow, then start 10 minutes walk outs in hand for a couple of days twice a day. Vet will come down on Friday to see him again.
Fingers crossed it is all to do with something straight forward and we can mend Mr. Trouble soon.
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