Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Why do they say 'caught a cold' ?

Pic. above: Sunday. Boys learning to put boots on ponies before the lesson.

Shouldn't it be 'caught by the cold'? I have never had any intention of catching the bugger myself.
Isn't it interesting that when we are happy and jolly and everything goes well we rarely catch any colds?! Brain power that is. It seems to work on me anyway. Too much worries and I always succumb to some annoying flu.
I taught on Sunday but by the evening my throat was so sore I could just cut my head off if I could. Decided to stay in bed on Monday feeling guilty of not seeing to Kingsley but in reality I felt so bad I could barely move.
All seems a little bit better today after not so great night but fingers crossed it won't last that much longer. Have to be at work at 1pm today but the closer to the getting up and going time the more I want to stay in bed :(

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