Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lots of rain and none the wiser

We are officially having monsoon weather today. I stopped trying to remain vaguely dry in the middle of the day. Drenched has a new meaning in my dictionary. All the ponies went on the bridle. That is they tried to escape from the mad rain hitting their faces.

Kingsley was seen by a Vet No 2. He is officially classified as lame no question about it. The case is a bit complicated so he will be seen by a Vet No 1 (who did a 5 stage vetting originally) tomorrow. Depending on the findings we will decide what to do next.

I am staying over at my friend's tomorrow and then going to watch National Dressage Championships on Thursday so will post an update once I'm back.
As I can't really afford regular training I am trying to watch as much action as I can. Doubt I will be able to focus though what with the glorious last couple of days :(

Everything crossed for a positive outcome of any sort.

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