Thursday, 10 September 2009

Let me tell you...

Kingsley is settling in brilliantly. Me, less so! ;) I am yet to return home before 9pm so my routine needs a serious tweak.
Thankfully, I am only teaching 2 hours tomorrow and will have more time during a day to organise myself and still be back at a reasonable time.
For now I'm mucking out and getting his hay, waters and feed ready during my official lunch time. As I am super slow with all this, it takes me an hour to have everthing done. Then ride him after 6.30pm when I am finished teaching. This is not ideal as it means he gets his evening feed quite late and it's difficult to ride him with all the evening lessons going on.
Now, I could ride at lunch time...The problem with riding at lunch times, however, is that I have to be finished by 2pm to go teaching so by the time I get him ready and allow for the time to do him after exercise I maybe have 30 minutes to work him. The thing is he's got so much energy in him that he would probably still want to power forwards after 1.5h...;))
My main aim with him at the moment is to teach him to carry himself in a better balance so he doesn't have to run everywhere 100 km/h. He is one of those horses that are fairly agile and very flexible so he is not too bothered about how and where he places his feet - his natural ability
to remain secure and stable in whichever position doesn't really help.
All this said, he is so much fun to work with that I am already looking forward to seeing his happy face tomorrow :)

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