Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 32: My kind of relaxing day :)

Books, coffee, cake and good company - one of a few perfect options for a fabulously relaxing day :) 

I can almost hear your surprised "whaaaat?!" but I really wish someone started making these lovely moist carrot cakes without icing. I despise icing on cakes and anything really and that comes from someone who does like most sweet things. There is just something, or everything really, about icing that is just simply unpalatable ;)

That detail apart, I had a lovely pre-birthday day today. There will be no time for mooching about in bookshops tomorrow so I made a full use of free time. I also did have Nutella toast for breakfast - oh yes.

My little present to myself is a tub of Eco Bath Epsom Salt Bath Soak for muscle and joint pain, I shall be testing it this month!
Two weeks working stretch in front of me now until the next free day so I am off now to make the most of this one ;)

Until tomorrow!

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