Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 112 & 113: The book of significance and pre-competition thoughts

Day 113

In my teens I watched a movie called The Bridge on the River Kwai. I thought I forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago.
- I would really recommend this book...are you looking for something to read on your travels? - helpful Waterstones sales man is standing next to me handing me a book. For a brief moment I wonder how on earth does he know I am looking for a book to read on my flight and then remember about a little suitcase I am dragging along having just bought it.
- Ah yes, on my travels, yes - I take the book and try not to judge it by the cover. It has a soldier on it and I have just finished "The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult which is a damn moving Auschwitz memorial (and which by the way, I totally recommend - fabulous read) so I am not really looking for another war related heart wrenching experience.

But somehow, even though I only skim read the back for some clues on content, my eyes land on one word - Burma. 
It's funny how our brain can work - in images. I see the movie's title in front of me in that one word even though the book and the movie are only connected through the fact, they carry the story of the specific place in a specific time. 

I buy the book. Fast forward two weeks, I read 90% of it and can safely say, I made a wrong choice as far as avoiding the heart wrenching literature goes. But it's one incredibly written book that makes you blink twice every time you put it away and re-connect with reality. 
I would like to believe that if this book was a must read for everyone, the monstrosity of the terror described there would not repeat itself. But I am not so sure. Either way, do read it. If you dare. 

Day 112

EARSIE. Wednesday Day 112: out and about in Oxfordshire on the chestnut powerhouse ;) 
- Are you taking a selfie for your blog? - asks Emma as I point my phone at the lush countryside in front of us. 
- No, just the world through Freddie's ears.
- Earsie! - she says and I am thinking it's a good word to make up for the situation.
- Earsie it is! 

The lessons went well. 
Shabby too worked fairly well although he is my worry with the unconventional tension and a list of creative ways he deals with everything he isn't sure about. He's got his first event of the season tomorrow and I hope he keeps his legs in sequence in the dressage and remembers to breath jumping. Cross country should be easy for him so I am not bothered about that. 
The dressage test is the BE106 (2012) which is a good one for Shabby as there are no endless rounds on the outside track but instead, questions keep coming which should focus both him and the rider. There is no huge pressure but I do hope they both do themselves justice as they worked very hard in the last few months and very much deserve it. 
Keep everything crossed! 

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