Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day 111: First 1 for Thank you, second 1 for Spring and third 1 for The Back


First of all, thank you for your lovely comments and virtual support following my yesterday's post about my Granny passing away. Let me tell you, she would not be having any of that. She would be in the kitchen making large quantities of tea ordering everyone to sit down and relax and stop fussing. She would force feed you cookies and whatever else she bought especially for the day.

But, thank you...Xxx


In Richmond, London, the spring has turned the world into a romantic movie. Blossoms everywhere, wrapped around cute cottages. Bright sunlight bringing the rich colours in everything, from stunning sand brickwork to rubbish bins. Everything sparkles. Everything sings. Loves. Lives. Such an odd time to die at, such contrast. I think I'd rather die in the winter myself.


As I school Jasper, a green, young horse today, a thought hits me. Some ages ago, I read this sentence somewhere: "An average rider rides the front of the horse, a good rider rides the hind legs and the great rider rides the horse's back".
I am thinking, I am only somewhere in between the good and the hallway that leads further on. I am thinking, that as I ride, I feel acutely aware of every push of the hind legs, every uneven power, I can sense the weight commitment before the horse fully makes a decision how to turn, I adjust my actions to how the inside hind leg travels under or on the side of the barrel. Everything I do, the way I sit, the way my inside hand goes up offering some help in turn, the way I let my legs sit quiet on the sides of the horse and let him find better rhythm, the way I wait for him in the turn so the momentum doesn't take him outward too much - all this I do with mental image of his hind legs even though I look ahead.
But I realise, as I ask him for simple changes of rein and frequent transitions, that only some of my awareness is with his back, that even though I sense his natural crookedness, the way his back drops ever so slightly on one side and remains tighter when we turn, it's not enough. I realise I need to focus on that much more. See his back move and yield and change shape in my mind's eye with much more clarity if I am to ride better.

So much to learn. I hope I have time for it. I damn hope I can make time for it.

Selfie with Jasper, the adorable green youngster

Until tomorrow,

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