Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day 98: Energy

One of my today's lessons
It might just be one of life's inexplicable twists. Or maybe just a wicked sense of humour. Or maybe nothing at all. But you see, I really sucked at Physics at school. I was in fact so bad at it, I failed my exams and had to beg my teacher to let me re-take them. Once, on way to school, I went passed the entrance and just kept walking for the two hours that the Physics torture lasted and went smoothly into Literature class where everything made perfect sense.

I think about it now as I watch my rider working in the field and I have to smile because as I observe I know I am not watching for all that equestrian coaching teaches you. Instead, I watch and analyse energy...The forces that make the green horse, that is schooling out in the field for the first time, drift left and right as undulation of the ground sweeps him off his feet. The forces that make my rider lean a little forward and hold a little with her knees instead of sinking into the saddle, letting the muscles elongate, receive the opposing pull and slide her seat bones closer to the pommel. I watch the energy as the horse produces too much of it and then rescues himself with exuberant bursts of unnecessary speed.

As I make the correction I don't think about an outline, rhythm or rider's seat as such. Instead, I feel like I am searching for ways to direct the energy the right way, take a little from here, add a little there.

Damn you Physics. I thought I waved you goodbye long time ago ;)

 P.S. How amazingly warm was today!!

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