Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day 102: Family Affairs

Meet my God Daughter (squinting madly at the wind and sun ;)

Slightly silly pic but totally capturing a moment of photography in the wind and sun - just the right conditions to give you an odd hair and change a beautiful little girl into a squinting, highly unimpressed one ;) 

Today was a thoroughly lovely day filled with some obligatory church whereabouts and some great follow up dinner with family.
I also caught up with my Gran who couldn't make it to the event due to ill health so I popped over to her place to see her.
We had many a fascinating conversations including this one:

Gran: Why don't you and R. just get married so you can have a surname?
For a moment I don't think I am getting it.
Me: Gran, I do have a surname?? Same as yours in fact!
Gran: Well, that's not the same. If you have your husband's surname you could have all the rights.
Me: Gran, I have all human rights with my own surname?
Gran: But a man's surname...
Me: Gran, it's 2015, women have all normal rights without having to take another surname
Gran: *slowly shaking her head* It's not the same
Me: *staring at Gran incredulously and suddenly realising there is a century of a whole new dimension between us*

She gets a hug anyway. This lady can get away with murder ;)

Ahh it was great day. Now onto some relaxing!
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