Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day 99: Boarding Pass

Just for the record, the trains were yet again delayed this morning. Someone jumped under yet again. It seems that death on the rail tracks is very alluring to growing number of desperate people.

Despite others throwing their lives away seemingly trying to stop me from travelling (is that too self-centred a thought do you think?), I made to my lesson location and all went very well indeed.

I also had my own personal drama (possibly over-reaction here) today that didn't really warrant the suicide measures mentioned above but nevertheless made for a *interesting* afternoon. Namely, I'd spent some hours trying to print my boarding pass for a flight I need to be on tomorrow morning.
Following a few unsuccessful arrangements with one friend forgetting to bring me the print out and other similar occurrences I finally managed to end up with a precious pass in my hand at 10pm (forever indebted to Helen and her husband for making this amazing thing happen ;) )

So, tomorrow I shall be reuniting with my lovely family but I will try to drop in with a few words and keep this daily ball rolling ;)
Before you leave, can I just say - my first purchase when I land back is going to be a printer.

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