Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Meet Arty

Arty is a 17.1hh ex-advanced eventer who is my schooling project at Hall-Place. I am very fond of him although he has after-career problems with stiffness and needs good management. He gets back massages for his muscular tension and a lot of TLC from me of course :)
He battled a bit with lameness a couple of weeks ago which he compensated through the back and became really uncomfortable. Thankfully the lameness is gone and after the latest massage session he is working in a decent way.

I ride him three times a week, mostly long and low as prescribed by his physio and today was the first day I was truly happy with the feel he gave me.
Although he loves to stretch and will do most of the times I haven't had him evenly in both reins until today. His trot work was much freer and canter work very reasonable.
Arty is not for faint-hearted though as he can be VERY forward going with gears to die for and you have to be careful what you are asking for ;)
He is very much my type of horse though.

The Humongous Cat still amazes me every time I see him so I snapped a couple of photos while I sat with him on the sofa. He promptly moved onto my lap and started purring and making 'claw sharpening' movements against my chest!! I quickly departed from our cozy spot ;)



Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like Arty is a very special horse.

Jackie B said...

What a fun project! Arty looks like a fun boy to work with. I've always preferred a too-forward horse to a too-slow horse. You're right, they're not for the faint of heart, but I think they're more fun to ride!

Sounds like the new job is working out really well for you.

Unknown said...

Arty is indeed a very interesting character.
Yes, I am really enjoying the new job, it's what I wanted at this moment in time and I am very happy I decided to go for it :-)

Anonymous said...

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