Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Not quite as I would wish...

This morning I had a lesson on Hamlet and I just don't know what happened - I couldn't ride him at all. Everything I asked him resulted in him resisting and I felt like we have moved 10 steps backwards instead of at least half-step forwards.
Mariana sat on him and concluded he was escaping the aids (setting himself against the bit and shooting off away from legs) so she rode him though it and he relaxed finally. It's the same thing over and over - the tightness in the back - but while I seemed to have some nice results a week ago it went to pots today.
To be fair I only jumped him on Friday and his last schooling session was on Tuesday last week but he was worked and it wasn't as if he spent all that time without exercise.
I know this is just horses and I really shouldn't be so down about it but I am. My next ride on him isn't before Friday so I now have to wait to give it a go again.
It's annoying how the things that make you feel low seem to happen all in the same time as if to make sure getting up is properly difficult.
I am looking forward to a positive session and apologise for all this negativity. I am pretty talented worrier and due to various everyday life problems I think I just have too much on my head and not enough focus.
Anyway, hope to be positing something more upbeat soon and I am off to teach now.


Rising Rainbow said...

I leave for a show tomorrow and I rode Legs today and he's like some strange horse I don't even know. I couldn't believe how things had fallen apart. I hate when that happens and especially just before the show.

So I know exactly how you feel!

Unknown said...

Good Luck tomorrow! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Legs :-)

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