Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Despite the far from satisfactory conditions I get to work in many a time I am feeling amazingly motivated. In fact, I feel driven more than I have had for a while which feels great.
I say amazingly as there are many things that are in urgent need of being sorted and I am often finding myself in various life's troubles and yet it all feels very very right.

I should sleep more but then I wouldn't have time for reading, blogging and learning more ;) December is looking pretty busy with very little time off, lots of teaching and with my self-inflicted deadline to get all the academy site materials ready by the end of the year.

If only I could just stop the time for a week so I could sit somewhere quiet and listen to all the ideas crowded in my head I might just be able to pull it all out just right. That luxury being obviously not possible, I will just need to cope as usual :)


Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be nice if we could collect everybody's time that they 'have to kill' and use it for ourselves? If we "found" enough wasted time we just might accomplish half our daily to do lists ;) Canada

English Rider said...

You've come a long way already. You must be doing some things right.

Unknown said...

Ah, that would be great indeed dear Canada :)

English Rider - thank you, still long way to go though!!

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