Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Good value for money?

I started my day very early today which is probably why I am feeling overwhelmingly sleepy now. Thanks to a few breaks in between the lessons I made some all important To Do lists so I am somewhat organised in the run up to Xmas. Considering I only have 1 day off before the 24th (and even then it's the day Kingsley is having his physio under sedation and we have a Xmas dinner at one of the yards I teach at ) it's no wonder I am a bit worried about fitting everything in ;)
I suppose I could try to pop to some shops in the late evenings on my way back from work but hmmm to say gently, I am usually knackered by then.
Now, there is always the option of buying online but I would have to buy things right now so they arrive on time. So it all comes down to organising myself.

During my long day at work today I concluded the yard does give both the clients and instructors a fantastic value for money. I can perform trekking over some spectacular riding arenas, today defined as: wetland featuring temporary inundation of large areas of land by shallow bodies of water and gentle rolling hills. I also get superbly fit running with Full-Of-Life ponies, bursting with health & energy and thinking child is an unnecessary luggage.
My riders get to experience true outdoor sport of hacking without leaving the arena enclosure. They learn to balance on horses investigating variety of terrain, often losing balance themselves and yet soldering on.

You just can't beat that value for money. I mean, xc lessons are a pricey event you know. Same goes for Gym memberships.
So I better shhhushh and enjoy the fact I am saving some pennies before that Xmas shopping!


KMD Photog said...

I enjoyed this post because that's one of my main reasons for using an outdoor arena and working clients in other areas of the farm as well, whether it be the front yard of the barn, the pastures, or back more towards the woods with other obstacles to overcome. It helps teach both the horse and the rider balance and coordination and to expect the unexpected. Thanks and happy riding!! :)
~Music & Lyrics Arabians

HorseOfCourse said...

Shopping over the internet saves me!

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