Sunday, 28 November 2010

Taking Chances

Look at that cheeky fox, barely visible on the dark surface of the arena, daring me with his little foxy eyes, playfully strolling around during my 4pm lesson today. It was so cold I put a hot water bottle on top of my boots to stop my toes from freezing off. The walking helps a little but the chill from the surface bites right through the soles and into the flesh. And it's only as many hours that I am willing to trek a day.
The fox, seemingly cozy in his winter coat, danced around the arena for good 30 minutes, popping into the corners, laughing at my rider trying not to run him over, then having even more fun when we decided to chase him.

The cold, the scent of frost in the air, reminds me of home where the air can be so crisp and sharp that it almost hurts to take a deeper breath.
There are mornings and nights to the days now, no afternoons to speak of.

Taking chances in the dark is very much my full-time occupation right now. Several weeks ago I got contacted by someone interested in incorporating the Academy's assessment system and programmes into their riding club. We met a few times to discuss the ins and outs and although I wasn't sure at first whether it would work well, we decided it would indeed. It's funny as the more we thought about it the more we realised what a fabulous join up it could be for both parties.
There is this saying I really like: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity". I thought it could be one of those lucky moments you get in life.

But then I heard nothing for a long time so I assumed they gave up on the idea.
A few more serious enquiries from riders wanting to train on my programmes kept me occupied; we arranged for assessment days, the riders loved them so I am over the moon. They also decided to continue with the training straight away which will keep me rather busy over the next month.

I have also taken on another chance of a potentially fantastically challenging and interesting part-time job that would gel well with the Academy teaching but I won't know anything about this one until December.

Then the club came back to me.
Some details are still to be talked over but looks like we will go into some form of co-operation whereabouts they get my training whilst Academy gets their clients...
Once it definitely goes ahead I will post more about the club as I think they have a superb idea in place, together with Academy services it might get even better ;)

Still green in West London on a morning in late November...

....and the milky, frosty mist on my way to work that soon travelled from the Common over to the arena, hiding the riders and horses like a secret.



Judi said...

What wonderful news--everything is falling in place. I'm so proud of you for working so hard. It takes a lot of motivation and belief in what you are doing.

Wow, it sure is dark for 4:00. It doesn't get dark here until 5:00 this time of year, and I hate it, as that is when I get off work.

I ride in an indoor arena this time of year, but I remember the days when I didn't have one--and we didn't even have decent lights. It was a challenge, to say the least. I don't envy you.

I can't believe the fox was so brave! We have fox around here, but they are so shy that we can go years without seeing one. We also have coyotes, which we will see more often. They are spooky when they howl and yip at night.

Unknown said...

Hello Judi and thank you :)
I am keeping everything crossed for something to work out this year...

It could have been later than 4pm when I took the fox photo, possibly about 4.30, either way, it was at some point during the lesson in between 4 and 5.

I would quite like to see some coyotes! How nicely wild is that :)

Indoor arena, big bright and warm is what I dream about!
How is Cole doing? Looking forward to more blogs from you!

Judi said...

I love when I see a coyote. The horses definitely get worried when they see them. They just seem so wild and wolflike.

Lately, a flock of wild turkeys moved into the area. They are beautiful birds--Cole doesn't trust them in the least, but he is getting better with them.

Cole is doing well. With the dark nights and colder weather, I now am forced to work in the arena, and that gives us a whole new set of challenges, but I see improvement with each ride.

We love our arena, but by about February, all we dream about is getting out of it and back on the trail. Usually, it isn't until March that we can ride regularly on trail.

You'll be getting another blog about Cole, soon.

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