Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Kingsley edited to say...

Hello everybody! Let's not be fooled, this blog has never been as popular as when I came along with all my problems. This blatantly suggests I am way more important than any other waffling my auntie puts on here.
With this in mind I thought I would pop in to personally tell you to have a look at a new post about my hooves that Nic made after Wiola put some stupid lines on my perfectly growing feet!

If you look at my hooves closely you will see I am growing more horn on my now shorter side and less on my now longer side. So no more stupid lines. 

Pic: Another photo. Yet another photo. Booorrriiinnnggg. On your knees and take some feet pics!


Anonymous said...

But you're so photogenic!

Unknown said...

Ah thank you, thank you, compliments my way please. I'm a little hairy right now but it's cold, you understand.

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