Monday, 3 January 2011

An Amazing Start To The New Year!

Apart from the cold that is! I was so determined not to succumb to any more colds last year and I almost succeeded! Almost. On Thursday the 30th I woke up at 4am with a raging fever and a cough from nowhere. This is why I spent the New Year's Eve watching London's fireworks on TV. Admittedly, seeing the crowds gathered by London Eye I was very glad we didn't go there. It looked impressive and jolly though:

I then spent the first glorious hours of New Year's Day on watching a brainless Lara Croft movie ;) As you do when you are sneezing all over the room and would rather feel invincible.

Now onto the amazing part. I was sitting in a Cafe with Rick checking my emails in hope we won a lottery of any kind or Santa had remembered us in his far away Lapland, you know.
Well, an email I started reading wasn't quite from Lapland but not far from there...

I got invited by a lovely lady, Maria, who writes a blog Horse Of Course  to do some Academy training at her yard near Oslo, Norway! She is pretty much organizing everything from flights to food - thank you, Maria!
I phoned Kari who is in the middle of re-decorating her very own Chiropractic Clinic she recently bought and was doing some wall painting when I asked her if she had anything planned for the end of the month as we are flying to Norway ;) Since my work is so low intensity right now the timing for me is perfect. Once Kari has cleared her busy schedule we will be free to go.
Just in case you wondered what's Kari's role in Aspire Academy training you can read all about it here: 

The plan is to fly out at the end of the month and I will keep you informed on how we do. I put a loose suggestions together for the programme for the 3 days we will be there and Maria made it all into a very exciting & neat schedule. I am really looking forwards to it although having checked the weather over there I noticed it hasn't been above 0 for quite a while! Anyone has a spare ski suit I can borrow??

Once again huge thank you to Maria for such amazing opportunity. It's great for me to take my training approach further and financially it will of course help enormously.

Back on the planet Earth, I finally have some work tomorrow and the day after. Progress.
Happy New Year Everybody! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful - a great start to the New Year (minus the cold of course)!

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cool! That's just about as good as winning a lottery, don't you think? Could be the start of something wonderful.

Oh, and I wanted to say, you have made mention of your "poor" use of English grammar as a reason not to write, there's nothing wrong with your grammar. I rarely, and I do mean rarely see anything that tells me english is not your first language. When I do, it is nothing that interferes with my understanding of what you are trying to say. There's no reason you couldn't be paid for writing in english and believe me, I am a tough critic, my friend, so if you think writing might be something helpful, go for it.

HorseOfCourse said...

I am really looking forward to this, Wiola - it will be great fun!

We have had the coldest November and December for 100 years, and January is normally the coldest month, so bring your warmest clothes...and I do have an extra (ski)suit to lend you!

Unknown said...

Kate - really exciting but I do agree re the cold! ;)

Rising Rainbow - little lottery ticket indeed :)
That's surprising re my English (in plus of course!)! I will start with these chance occasions I've got and if it goes well, who knows...Thank you!!

Maria - hopefully Oslo will think February is approaching and starts to warm up by the time we arrive! I am really looking forward to it though and most of the time the dry cold isn't too bad anyway :) Great re the ski suit and I guess there are always cats to use as hot water bottles ;)

Daun said...

Very Exciting! I read Horse of Course and greatly admire Maria so now I feel like I know both of you! So jealous I can not be there in person!

Best of luck!

Judi said...

That is the most wonderful news! I am very excited for you. I am looking forward to your blog report on it.

As Rising Raiinbow said--you do write wonderfully in English--better than most native English speaking people. I would have never known it was your secondd language, either.

Unknown said...

Daun - catch a plane and come and say helloo! Would love to meet you :)

Judi - thank you!! I will keep you updated of course :)
I'm encouraged re my English now, perhaps I should try to do something with it then :)

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