Monday, 10 September 2007

Tiredness kicks in

Friday saw me at Osterley, schooling Columbus (more HERE) and Rosie and teaching Connie on Clarence. I am very happy with Big Boy's progress and Rosie surprised me with a very nice canter work. I rode her through hundreds of transitions within 40 minutes and was going to finish on that but then changed my mind and went for a canter on both reins. And wow, did she give me a feeling of balance! She is a mare with a very long back, finds engagement a very hard work and has a tendency to be forehand heavy but all those transitions shifted her weight very nicely.
Following the rather hectic week spent on jumping from buses onto trains and back I had a lovely weekend ride on Wilastra in Oxfordshire - full report HERE.
It was a fantastic escape from smelly London's roads to open spaces of the Alden Farm land. I saw a farm house by one of the rocky roads, standing proud on its own, surrounded by green fields and it hit me how peaceful life must be when you sit in the garden and can't hear the noise of a High Street.

On Sunday, Ricky and I went for our usual walkabouts, visited a bookshop where I got William Fox-Pitt's autobiography and then we settled in 'our' gardens to drink coffees, read and relax.

Today I was really happy to see Wilastra 's sparkly eyes and the lethargy she showed a few days ago was not only gone but she was rather full of life! We had an interesting session that kept me on my toes but although it cost me some nerves I secretly liked it. Certain amount of stress seems to keep me on the straight and narrow ;)

Pony B. is my yet another challenge - I tried to work on convincing him that he doesn't have to be such a worrier and can just let go and relax. I can't say I was overly successful but his work was of a reasonable standard. There was about 15-20 minutes where he really was in front of my legs and I could relax and let him do the job. I am hoping we will get to 45 minutes of quality work some time soon.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be teaching until late. I think the tiredness is really catching up with me now as I felt rather lethargic on my modes of transport today! I am planning to take a few days off from my morning office job soon which will hopefully recharge my batteries!

So long and thanks for all the fish ;))))
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