Saturday, 15 September 2007

Commitment to dreams and ambitions

The advantage of travelling from one horse to another or from one pupil to another is that you have some time to think (even when it seems you are constantly on the go). Simple as this sounds, in hectic lives most people lead nowadays there does not seem to be much time put aside on some me-thinking time. I quite enjoy it; it is framed by my travel time and so safely enclosed within specific time scale. I know I can't do anything more or less and I know I will not be late for something or other just because I had been sitting and thinking.
Anyway, on Thursday, on my way to Wilastra (who was a true business girl on the day - more HERE) I was reading through weekly issue of Horse & Hound and came across Anna Ross-Davies' column. Anna, a British dressage rider, who finished 10th at the European Dressage Championships on the 2nd of September, must be one of the most hard working riders out there. Her commitment is incredible and if I wanted to match it my body would have definitely said 'no way', before I would have started properly. When I was younger I could ride eight horses a day, teach outside in -15C throughout a few true winters in Poland and in pouring rein in the UK and was still jumping up and down at any opportunity to compete; if I tried to repeat this now I would be begging for a break after a month!
Anna's article made me think of how much effort and commitment have to be ploughed into making it as a rider if you have no substantial financial support. Considering my body would collapse if I train and teach as much as some riders do, Ricky might go on strike if I spend 24 hours a day in various stables and I still like a thing or two outside equestrian world I really hope that this winning Lotto ticket is on its way! ;)

Bobby worked very nicely on Thursday. He had just had his shoes on and can sometimes be footy afterwards but he showed no signs of discomfort. In fact, he felt very loose and forward in his steps and despite his usual hollowing of the back in canter transition I was pleased with his work.
Columbus, although really made me work my socks off, offered some nice moments of good work and he is definitely getting softer and more willing. He is too big for me in general but I am enjoying the experience.

Helen and Connie rode very nicely and it is such a pleasure to teach people who really try. Apparently I will be a magician if I manage to cure Helen's jumping phobia so I am now thinking on the strategy and will definitely be taking on the challenge!
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