Monday, 24 September 2007

A beautiful day:)

I am sitting here with some substantial amount of Muscle Rub Multi Action Pain Killer cream working its way through my shoulders and neck muscles and I really hope it works! Despite this opening I must say I had a very nice day ;)
Oh maybe apart from the very morning when I got woken up by the rain and realised that last night I left all my almost dry washing outside - nice.
At 8.30am I set off to ride Wilastra and Bob. It had been quite a while since I used the tube so early in the morning and the amount of commuters was overwhelming. Crashed into the windows all blurred from recycled breathing, squeezed into the seats, elbowing each other in silence broken only by the much too loud train's loud speakers, the people were just everywhere. Having travelled outside of regular busy hours for quite a while I almost felt angry at all those strangers on 'my' route ;)
I managed to read a little and one of the sentences in my current book was 'You simply cannot define freedom to someone who did not realize they were caged'...I was ever so happy to settle on a train to Bucks which great me with plenty of available seats :)
Bobby was his good self and worked nicely in trot, a little tense in canter. We tried some TREC movements and he seemed to remember everything rather well! Riding him first was a good choice as it warmed up my stiff muscles a bit!
Wilastra warmed me up even better...;) Full report on HERE. Despite the fact I will probably pay for this very intensive session with my movements limited to 50% I was really happy with the work she produced.

I took some pictures of milady before riding as it has been a month since I took last condition photo. I think she is changing beautifully building up muscles nicely and even looks like she grew a bit!

More pictures from today on HERE

I also waited to see Wilastra having her teeth done by an Equine Dental Technician. I remember my stallions having their teeth done and it was nothing like it is now! I also saw a one very bad display of dental procedures but the dentist who came to Wilastra seemed to be doing a great job as far as I could tell!

Full report on HERE (with more pictures and videos).

My way back to London was of familiar standard with trains and tube passages empty and so much more bearable as a result.
Rick and I went for a walk to the Gardens and I thought the light was so beautiful that it would be a shame not to snap some more pictures! September this year offers the sort of weather I adore in autumn - sunny, vibrant, fresh, warm and fairly dry.

Only one more day free from the office in front of me. After that I am back into the morning hamster wheel for a while...
Tomorrow I really do hope to finally do some housework before teaching in the afternoon and evening!
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