Saturday, 1 September 2007

Jolly good end of the week

On Friday an unexpected and very welcomed new rider appeared to want to have a lesson with me on Pony B. The lady was a pleasure to teach and so I clocked in one more teaching hour this week!
Session with Wilastra was also good - full report on HERE.

Today I got up early and set off to Wilastra's yard to take her XC schooling to Deep Mill Farm.
What a fun day that was! Full report on HERE.

(More pictures HERE)

We arrived back at the yard in a record speed and I popped on Pony B. to give him a flatwork session. He felt a little sluggish which I think could have been a result of a very muggy weather yet he was wiling enough to make the session enjoyable. I worked on releasing his tension in canter a little. He had a lot of energy but seemed quite anxious and lacked relaxation in his steps.

On the train back I felt so tired that I set my alarm for the anticipated arrival time at marylebone and happily napped all the way there! It was a great decision as I stepped out of the train as if I slept for a few hours not 40 minutes. Got home, had a quick shower and dragged monster out of the house (his words!) for a cup of coffee, papers and some food in The Gardens :)
We saw some ridiculous amount of Princess Diana related posters covering the fencing of Kensington Palace...honestly, some people!

Anyway, what a brilliant end of the week. And there is still Sunday full of resting, reading and painting our new 'focal point canvas' to look forward to! I bought some lovely big ones and hope to create something interesting. I think painting a horse would be pushing it a bit too far though ...;)
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