Thursday, 6 September 2007

How do you do your teaching/riding when the tube is on strike!

Well, it takes a hell of a lot of planning that is for sure! On Monday, after riding Wilastra and Pony B. I came back to London only to find all the gates closed at the Marylebone station. It happened that Monster has had a contract nearby so we met up and walked back home through Hyde park. It is a lovely route for a walk but it gets a little tiring in riding boots and a big heavy bag over your shoulder! However, the sun was shining, squirrels were running merrily towards us to get their nuts and we entertained ourselves by saying that it could be much worse and we could have ended up walking twice the distance ;)
On Tuesday and Wednesday I did some additional trekks to arrive at Ealing on time for my teaching. Thankfully the Piccadilly line was working so I 'only' needed to get one bus to take me to the right station. The getting there wasn't that bad, the way back late at night was less amusing.
I was more than delighted to hear the strike was suspended and my today's journey to Buckinghamshire went smoothly.
Wilastra gave me a ride from hell making me think that maybe I should try to look for another occupation like collecting stamps or perhaps old books - more HERE.
Pony B. on the other hand, although his work was too tense to classify it as good, really tried to please and session with him was a pleasure. He has a habit of hollowing just before a canter transition and his reaction to canter aids isn't as good as it could be. He is also an incredible mind (muscle) reader and if you are complacent for longer than a second you are bound to be challenged! If, however, you really concentrate and ride with your senses switched on 100% he is incredibly receptive and tuned into you.
To top up the travelling joys of this week my train back was delayed 40 minutes which I spent browsing today's Horse & Hound - clever me buying it earlier! ;)

The schedule for tomorrow is to school Columbus and Rosie for Helen who is avoiding hard work and teach Connie on Clarence.

I hope Metronet stays away from striking!
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