Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Teenagers who think they know it all...

On avarage I really do enjoy having some teaching hours at riding schools but the last couple of days was not the best! Yesterday was not too bad and I managed to talk some people into learning a little more than just sitting there. I also got a horse to exercise which broke the afternoon nicely. However, today, I got a group of girls who ride regularly and help at the stables and I can honestly say I have not come across such arrogant riders for a while. I am not the kind of teacher who enjoys shouting and ordering people about and if someone does not want to learn then be it! The thing is they usually get to ride less experienced horses in order to work on them for clients which makes me feel responsible for their progress.
The typical conversation would be: 'Girl A, you are doing this, try doing that to work on your fault'. Reply:'No, I am not doing this'...I say: 'Would you like me to take a picture of you?'. She says nothing but later continues to insist she is right. We have a little conversation and I insist she tries what I suggest; surprise, surprise - the pony becomes much more obedient and tunes in.
You may say it is about respect and discipline and that was their first lesson with me but it is also sad that they are so immediately against learning more. They finally put their minds to the job and horses went lovely. I do wonder whether they even appreciated that effort though...
Oh well! ;)
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