Thursday, 20 September 2007

Bitting the dust and enjoying the freedom from the office

Yes, Bobby Dazzler got me on the floor last Thursday! My most recent fall was I think in April or May of Kir Royale, friend's mare that decided rearing, spinning and bucking was good fun, and considering she threw me off twice in the space of 10 minutes, Bob's action gives me grand total of three falls so far this year For those who are interested Bobby has a 'thing' with show jumping. Some would say 'he has lost it', another 'plain naughtiness' etc. The fact is, he throws a last second stops at EVERY fence he doesn't know and sometimes also over those that he knows and jumped before. If you change one thing (and I really mean even one) the challenge starts all over again. It's fun but I am very grateful for the ever so soft surface in the arena Funnily, he jumps Xc jumps with no bother and when he actually jumps the show jumps his technique and scope are really good.
Columbus, Helen and Connie worked very well and I must remember to get some home work for Connie to keep her maintaining the hard work () as she will miss our lesson on Friday. Her horse Clarence is quite an interesting fellow. He is 18 years old and after a riding school career so he knows when he can slouch and when he has to work. I popped on him last Friday and he was just such a sweet boy doing all the canter transition from walk and then halting perfectly from a very long strided trot (wouldn't dare to call it medium in case some dressage divas are reading!). Cheeky beast he is!
Columbus is my dear massive giant and he knows it. He worked well and I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

Sheila, my rider from Kent, has recommended me to some ladies from her riding club looking for an instructor and they phoned the other day. With regret, I had to say no as can't possibly fit any more hours in at the moment unless I quit the office. Now, that is a thought...

Wilastra gave me a nice ride through the Bucks countryside today - more HERE - and felt much better in difficult terrain than I remember her from a few weeks ago. We also discovered she does not like dogs that whine using high pitch noise!

Tomorrow will actually be an interesting day as I am on a leave from the office so can have a good sleep and stay in bed reading or just relaxing Then I will be off to teach which will hopefully generate a cover for the costs of travelling to Buckinghamshire and a lesson I have that evening. Mette, a dressage trainer who trains with David Trott, will be the one teaching so it might be interesting. I wish now I had gone to those Vicky Thompson training sessions more often! Oh well, let's hope I don't make a complete fool of myself

More news? Oh yes, our rent went up I find it curiously interesting that salaries don't go up every time we need to pay more for our leaving! Should I now charge more for lessons??
What else? My Olympia dressage tickets arrived! I can't wait, Olympia Horse Show is the highlight of my winter in London!
Oh, and my Monster is driving me crazy with his unwillingness to participate in anything remotely to do with horses. Very depressing
I have just had a nice glass of red wine to cheer me up. I guess those who said you cannot have everything in life were right!
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