Thursday, 3 January 2008

Lesson today!

Don't you like those evening moments when you know everything went well on the day? :) I definitely cherish the days like today. I had a lesson with Leanne on Hamlet and, dare I say, I finally got something out of the bolshy boy! He gave me the best ride so far, was very soft to sit on to the trot in the second half of the lesson and I learned a lot on how to work on his submission and suppleness. Details from the lesson on Hamlet's blog.

I was truly exhausted afterwards, which was great :) If only I didn't sit here now with my nose running like hell and temperature rising I would be even more pleased!

Anyway, just after having a lesson I was due to give one myself. I love that feeling of having worked hard on myself as I seem to be much more eagle-eyed when teaching later. It helps me to spot things I maybe sometimes overlook or skip on. To top my own good session, the lesson went very well and Rex worked his bum off. He actually have very similar problems to Hamlet, which is lack of submission (but it's more physical with him rather than mental like with Hamlet), but he is also very very stressy and a worrier so you have to go step by step. The rider did her best tonight as well and they both produced some very pleasing work. We kept it to about 35 minutes only due to the cold but Rex seems to thrive on short, yet demanding, sessions. He started off very difficult, running and hollowing but with lots of circles, slow trot, transitions and flexion exercises he improved in barely 10 minutes. At the end he was very soft, round and rhythmic - if only he keeps improving like this I will be very happy :)
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