Monday, 28 January 2008

Ordinary Monday

I thought I will tell you about my Mondays :) They are pretty much similar each week at the moment so fairly easy to describe ;)
In the morning, as any other weekday morning, I work as a credit controller. You may want to think twice about owing me any money...;) Not that I will have to chase you for anything remotely as substantial as I chase for now...I wish!
At midday I leave the office and get out to breathe. Offices make me claustrophobic. The fog seemed to have brought true January chill today and although I do feel it I think how good it is to sense the smell of winter, feel it in the wind which makes my eyes tear.
My bus comes straight away and the tube train arrives as if called for. This alone makes me smile - there is nothing worse than public transport out of order!

I get home, have a coffee and watch some dressage DVD from Aachen for 20 minutes. Do a little tidying up. Sometimes I think Hamlet's stable looks better than my own house ;)
My dear OH works out of the house for a change so no midday chatting today.
My train to Kent is cancelled, I take the next one and arrive at the yard fairly late. Hammie stands at the gate as if he was telling me off for not being on time hehe It's much warmer here or maybe it's just seeing the horses that makes me immune to the weather :)

I have a good ride trying hard to work on various things I learnt at the lesson with Anna on Thursday. It's 50/50 as far as my satisfaction is concerned - I am tough on myself and I won't settle for 'just fine' but I think Hammie worked well.

Then it's time to teach. Shame the nights fall so quickly as it's hard to see your clients' mistakes at 5pm with just one lamp starring it's half-blind eye in the direction of the arena. I walk next to the horse to make sure I miss as little as possible. Despite this visibility issue we get some interesting results and everybody is pleased.

Tomorrow and Wednesday will be mostly filled with teaching until late.
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