Thursday, 31 January 2008

"Life is what happens when you make other plans..."

There have been a turbulence in my life hence the recent silence. The Mondays will no longer be as they were and no other day will be the same for that matter. I am quite settled into my various rotines so when something happens which spoils them, I am far from happy.
The reason of the changes: I have been made redundant from my office job on Wednesday. It made me very angry as it was the last thing I expected (simply due to being led to believe otherwise by my former boss). I was planning to leave anyway but not yet and not so all of a sudden. I also wanted it to be my decision, made when I am ready, not a day before my holiday and not in the middle of rather costly plans.
Then again, life throws surprises at me all the time; sometimes they are good and sometimes they are pretty bad.

I am having my long awaited holiday now visiting my parents. It would have been even better if I didn't have to worry about job hunting upon my return!

The dilemma I have at the moment is whether to: 1) increase the freelance hours to match my former office salary 2) take full-time job with horses 3) look for another part-time office job to secure some bills and give me a bit of overall security that comes from being employed by someone else...and continue freelancing 4) take part-time employment with horses and continue freelancing as I am now.
My redundancy money will last until the end of March which seems both like a long time and like almost here!

I decided to just chill out for few days I am here with my parents and give myself this thinking time without pressure. My plan is to see some friends I haven't had a chance to chat to for ages and to show Ricky some of the places in my home city.

Nice, chilled glass of vino if you got this far. Any ideas welcome as always :)
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