Friday, 11 January 2008

Police and equine charities rescue 84 horses from Buckinghamshire

From BBC website: "A huge animal rescue operation has taken place in Buckinghamshire after RSPCA officers found scores of neglected horses, ponies and donkeys.
Thirty-two horses were found dead at the site in Amersham on Friday and three other animals had to be put down.
RSPCA staff and vets described the scene as the worst they had ever encountered, one telling BBC News "it was utterly horrific".
The other 80 animals at the site have been transferred to horse sanctuaries. "

The charities involved including The Horse Trust (which seems to have taken on most of the rescued horses), Redwings Horse Sanctuary, RSPCA, ILPH are now battling to save at least some of the horses.

Horse & Hound-Police and equine charities rescue 84 horses from Bucks

And online, including Horse & Hound Forums whose members got together to offer donations, hay, rugs and help to the charities taking part in the rescue.
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