Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Pony Club Tests for 2008

I have just received an email advising:

Pony Club UK have issued new dressage tests for 2008. The new test sheets and diagrams are available on www.DressageDiagrams.com immediately.

New tests for 2008

  • Open Dressage Test 2008 (short arena)
  • Open Eventing Championship Test 2008 (long arena)
  • Freestyle Dressage to Music 2008 (replaces 2003 version)
  • Freestyle Dressage to Music Pairs 2008

    PC UK are withdrawing some tests at the same time. We have found in the past that withdrawn tests go on being used for a while so we still have the diagram version available just in case.

    Tests being withdrawn

  • Eventing Championship Test A **
  • Eventing Championship Test B **
  • Area Dressage Test 2004 **
  • Freestyle Dressage to Music 2003

    **: diagrams still available

    Some new tests for 2008 still to appear

    We are expecting new tests to be announced by British Eventing and British Riding Clubs. As soon as we have them we will let you know.

    John Lewis
    Email: john@dressagediagrams.com
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