Monday, 8 March 2010

Getting Ready For Kent

The Academy saga continues. Two months until the launch and it's starting to get busier. Spent morning today mentally making hundreds of notes for tomorrow's meeting. I am also having the other instructor involved in the Academy meeting a chiropractor lady who will work on rider's performance side of things so hope they can find common ground as it's always easier to work with people who get on with each other.

I am waiting for Vista Print to have free offer on a product I am interested in using for promotional materials and once it's on I will order the first lot.
Keep your fingers crossed for some exciting outcome in Kent. Morning there, then back to London to teach till late evening.

More Venues To Teach At

The lovely yard where Kingsley moved to is happy for me to teach there so I need to arrange for some ways of making the most of this opportunity.
Here it is: CANE END STUD; if you would like lessons with me there on your own horse please contact me via here or email ridinginstructor at gmail dot com.


I should really go to bed now but we have 3 new episodes of Lost ready to watch so.....
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