Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I'm going to Work Over The Back Myself Soon!

All is going really well at the moment, I am developing fabulous back muscles and core muscles from constant shivering in the cold! A little bit more of the chill and I will be able to work over the back myself.
Lots of layers and my super heated jacket are keeping me sane, that and looking at exotic photographs ;)

Aspire Equestrian project is moving forwards step by step each day. I had a chat with another centre today which is located in Berkshire and will be one of the main venues; all is looking very exciting. There is still a lot to do and sometimes I would just want to go to sleep and have it all done and ready. On the other hand it's rewarding to go through it and tick each step off. When it gets tough I just look at each day as it goes and try not to think about the amount of issues still left to be sorted out.

Meeting all the various riding centres and yards made me more aware of the variety of obstacles we might have to deal with. Academy is very much focused on quality and it might go against the grain at places that are specifically "commercially" minded. I had to give up on a very interesting yard after a meeting with the manager as although our main goals were similar, agreeing to the yard's policies would mean compromising on many core philosophies the Academy carries.

Thankfully, there are some lovely venues taking part and I just can't wait to show the finished product to you all :)

Kingsley had new set of front shoes put on yesterday. I will sit on him on Friday to see how he feels, then a big day on Monday the 15th with vet and physio reassessing his future...
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