Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Looks Like Someone Finally Found Out What's Wrong With Kinglsey Boy...

"Most likely no condition of the horse's limbs is as feared by horse owners as is navicular syndrome. Probably no condition is as frequently suspected as a cause of lameness in the horse as disease of the horse's navicular bone. Certainly, few conditions that cause lameness in the horse are as frequently diagnosed as is navicular syndrome." Dr. David W Ramey

After feet X-rays and nerve blocking Kingsley was diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome in both front feet. It looks like this is the primary problem as once nerve blocked he trotted up sound, both on hard surface and arena surface.

So yay! for diagnosis as we can now target the treatment properly but a grand neigh! to the nature of it! I "lost" my very first horse to this disease as he had to be retired from riding. I think I was hoping today's lameness work up reveals some miraculously small problem...

I will post a proper update when we get a formal vet report so I can be accurate. Kingsley will be pleased to know he can go out in the field again from tomorrow as there is no point to box rest him. Poor little man, if they could only talk we would have known this 6 months ago.
I am glad we finally came across a vet who knew how to approach Kingsley's problems and found the root cause.
We have to wait and see if the SI pain was just a secondary, temporary pain or something that is more chronic and also needs an ongoing treatment.
He will get a massage lady to play with his muscles on Monday but we won't be following with the cortisone injections into the poll and SI for the moment.
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