Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring Means Time For More Fittening Work...for Me!

This gorgeous little fellow popped out into the world yesterday. His mum competed Grand Prix Dressage and his dad is a well known show-jumping stallion Utah Van Erpekom, also skewbald. Kingsley and all other horses were transfixed on little man walking across the yard. As the mare was over two weeks overdue I hope she has some super body clock that told her, "you can have him now, it's Spring time, warmth time, no more freeze!".
Took one of the horses for a hack today and spotted some snow drops! Another Spring sign ;)
Happy rays make me more energetic too and I might have a go at some fittening work...
After being totally worn out on my training on Thursday I realised how bad my fitness really is. Reduced riding certainly has its part in this. Now, how do I introduce some exercise regime into my hectic lifestyle...??? It's not such an easy task as I am normally rather tired after work and taking up additional physical exercise makes me want to kill that person in me who wants to do it in the first place ;)
I love the way Pilates makes me feel - so flexible, body aware and supple but I've been lazy this winter and haven't done much of it.
I need more cardiovascular exercise and my good old Pilates back. Problem with cardio is it's blooming exhausting and I still need energy for all my several hours of daily commuting, days of teaching, riding etc
On a good note, my new job addition includes decent amount of yard work and grooming some giant horses certainly raises your blood pressure!

Kingsley is moulting properly now shedding carpet of hair with each thorough groom. As I can't be certain if he's in pain or not I decided not to ride him at least until his new shoes are on and he moves with more ease. In the end of the day, if his rehab is meant to last 2 years then 2 weeks will not make such a massive difference. He goes out in regular times every day and is looking well and happy. All the horses are in similar routine and this seems to have a very good effect on him. Being a fairly hyper, sharp-ish horse he seems calmer and less anxious in a very positive way. Farrier is coming on Tuesday with a made to measure set of shoes so I will be interested to see if it has made any difference to his way of going. His frogs in front feet could be bigger so I am guessing he isn't getting enough blood supply to his feet and they don't function as well as they could.
On a good note, his legs are in an excellent condition. Very tight, all tendons visible and cold.
He is still in a separate paddock but will be meeting the boys over the weekend and moving into main barn by Monday.

In case I am too busy to catch up in the next few days here is what awaits me. Interesting weekend ahead. Seeing Kingsley tomorrow early morning then running Training Day for P. who is having an Outside-Rein-Boot camp -Month ;) We need to get that sorted as it stops her from progressing further. I gave her an extensive homework to read/watch everyday and I'm hoping she has been a good pupil and studied everything for hours ;))
Sunday will be Sunny And Hot, that's an order! We will be practicing in the saddles what we did off horses last week i.e. consistency of contact, understanding supporting and acting role of reins. Some riders will ride bareback as part of their balance training but they do love it really.
Then on Tuesday I am off to Kent for a meeting with an owner of an equestrian centre I would like to invite as an Academy venue. This means preparing some written materials so office time on Monday morning for me.
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