Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring is here! Colour Green Didin't Extinct!

Even if it's just for today! Plus 10C, wonderful sunshine, green grass and a happy horse = lovely day. Kingsley was allowed out in a separate paddock today which was great considering the day was so beautiful. There were horses in adjacent fields so he still had company and he seemed happy about it. The fields at the new yard are in great form considering the weather and the green grass starts to show up, it's like a treat to the eyes after watching a never ending greyness everywhere. I am hoping Spring is here to stay, can't bear the return of cold again. This winter has had a big impact on the enjoyment of my job, not only the severity of it but also the worrying decrease in income. That green grass is making me feel optimistic again :)

I am pleased to say Kingsley decided to keep all his four legs on the floor today. I rode him for 20 minutes only though as he really did not feel right. The Yard Manager asked me if we wanted the farrier soon as he was due to come and as Kingsley is due on the 5th I asked for him to be done. This feet talk made me have a good look at his hooves and shoes. The YM asked how long he has had his front shoes for and that has really got me thinking. That's because his front shoes look as if he was doing heavy roadwork everyday (the only road work he has been doing is walking to his field and that's about 3 minutes each way so 6min daily). This abnormal wear on the shoes reflects the way he goes - heavy forehand and slight slide of the front foot just before it hits the ground. The best similarity I can think of is when you see a child in heavy ski boots...
I wonder if it might be a good idea to keep his feet shorter and shoe him more often than every 6 weeks.
The farrier will see him tomorrow to measure his feet and make some observations. His new shoes will be made to measure and hopefully help to balance his feet better.
Maybe the growth of his feet has negative influence on his already poor coordination? As condition of the feet, their shape and mechanics have such a big influence on horse's general way of going, the problems there would be immediately reflected in posture, wouldn't they?
Another problem is neck pain (could it be from poor front legs mechanics too?) and I'm pretty sure the physio will have a bit of work to do. He was definitely resistant through the neck today but did try his best little creature.

He seems to be settling in well but is still quite hyperactive and reacts nervously to new noises and unknown commotion. I worried that he would decide to go up mostly due to excitement but although he was quite tense and anxious under the saddle he did relax towards the end. Riding and grooming chilled him out. We finished the day on lots of stretches to non-existent treats (I gave him one and then he just goes to your hand like a magnet even if there is nothing in it), another good groom and lots of cuddles and neck scratches.

VERY chilled pony having a nap while I work hard scratching his neck ;)

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