Monday, 27 August 2007

Bank Holiday weekend... almost over!
Mother nature decided to bless us mortals with an absolutely lovely weather. The sun didn't stop shining throughout the weekend and I really hope we do have a little bit of summer left to enjoy!

On Saturday I set off to Middlesex to teach and to school Columbus. Poor guy was sweating like mad in the height of the temperatures - more here.
Rosie and Helen were a little lazy during a week so I decided to make sure they know what hard work is and we conducted a rather demanding lunge session concentrating on position and balance of the rider. Helen did very well! She did have a funny expression on her face when I took her stirrups to the jockey length but she was well pleased with herself in the end ;)

Sunday was spent with my darling monster leasuring around our nearby, beautiful park, reading and marathon watching of Lost!

Bank Holiday Monday - I have no idea why but I was mega dopey today! First, I took the train which was an hour earlier than arranged and I only realised that half way through. Thankfully it wasn't a problem in the end. Pony B. decided he was too good on Thursday and he was not going to play a push button pony every day! It could have had something to do with the poles we scattered all over the arena to get him used to them though...;) Suffice to say he was not relaxed and behaved as if the poles where magnets either drawing him in or pushing away with some mysterious power. The funny bit was that he seemed to change his charge every few minutes and it was quite a guessing game whether he was going to be drawn in or pushed away. Go figure! as my American friend say ;)

Pic. above: Pony B. in trot (click on it to enlarge)

Wilastra, on the other hand, worked very well. There is really something incredible in the amount of positive energy that is pumped into riders veins due to a good training session! Riding should certainly be classified as a drug! To read the report from today's session click HERE.

That surge of enjoyment certainly doesn't cure dopiness though! I was given a lift to the station and once there I realised I left my ticket and home keys in my jacket back at the yard. Hmm, it was not a nice view to watch my train leaving without me!

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