Monday, 20 August 2007


Young Wilastra put me through my paces today and made sure I stayed on top of things but I am pleased with our today's session as a whole. You can read more on Wilastra's training whereabouts on her own Training Diary.
Pony B. also gave a good ride. We did some tiny jumping and he is a joy to jump with one little exception...well, he is a clever pony and he likes to remind you that the arena is big and there is no reason for jumping silly looking fences!
I am quite happy with his schooling today nevertheless. Jumping definitely gives an edge to his canter work which became rounder and more active as we went. He also beautifully took me to fence when I jumped for the last time.
Some people have the theory that it is easier to re-train the horse that runs away than the one that stops. I actually prefer those that stop than the last minute runners. We will see how it goes with B. :) I might take him for some clear round jumping next month if we manage to negotiate a half an hour slot! ;)

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