Saturday, 18 August 2007

My first XC schooling with young Wilastra

It was a really good day today. I set off to Buckighamshire in the morning to school a pony and to take my training project, Wilastra, to a XC schooling session at RoseHill. Pony worked very nicely and we even managed to finish before the rain started.
Once pony was happily back in his stable I loaded Wilastra and we headed to RoseHill. We got there about 20 minutes before our time but should we knew that milady was going to have a real issues about a new place we would have left much earlier!
Well, the place turned out very busy with about 10 horses on a tiny car park and Wilastra was not too happy about it. She pranced about and tried to chat loudly to the horses leaving for the xc ;) It took a while to take her boots off and tack up as she could only manage about 2 seconds of immobility.
I decided not to bother with trying to make the time and spent 40 minutes just walking her around the fields and lunging next to the fences. She was fine with that and finally settled. She is a very sweet person and even when she was jogging all over the place she seemed to want to stay close to me and looked to me for reassurance.
Once I was happy she was in a better frame of mind I walked up the XC fields where she stayed close to me and didn't object to anything until the very end. We jumped a few fences taking a distance lead from other horses and she definitely enjoyed the whole experience. The hilly, undulated ground must have been really difficult for her but she really tried to please. Her jump feels really powerful and is rather unseating which is hopefully a promise of good things to come!
I really like the gangly monster and we have a plan to take her out every couple of weeks. I am sure that with time she will be much happier and easier to manage; she was 100% calmer in the end and loaded beautifully.

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