Sunday, 12 August 2007

Self-employment, taxes and one smart Cleveland Bay

The date of registration of my self- employment is coming fast so I am trying to gather some useful information. I have arranged for a meeting with an accountant on Tuesday so he can tell me nicely about the glorious world of taxes, claiming expenses and all the things I would rather not know but have to. Can't wait..not!

My poor old chambon has served me well for a number of years but since it is pretty much in pieces now I decided to treat myself to a new one. Looked through various online tack shops but they all seem to be selling the same version which I didn't like. I was looking for something exactly like my old one and I finally found it at Old Mill saddlery. It arrived very quickly and it is exactly what I wanted.
Cleveland Bay was the first one to have a chance to wear it and I am hoping I can improve his way of going in a few months. Our first session was good, he responded well and lunged very nicely. There is now 'only' the challenge of stopping him from constant jogging (when he should be walking), relaxing his neck and teaching him to flex...apart from all the other things he needs to learn! He is a lovely looking horse though and I am looking forward to seeing and feeling the changes appearing due to the training. He has a nice, ground covering walk, not too good a trot which I hope to work on, and a fairly decent canter. Considering trot is workable I am keeping my fingers crossed. Who knows, he might be my 'second' competition project...;)
The Project number 1 is in progress and I will have an update on our training programme very soon. For now she is doing some flatwork at home and we will go for a xc schooling on Saturday.

Pictured is one very tired CB after our session in the sun.He is a lucky boy though; he was given an excellent sponging down by his owner.


Anonymous said...

Hello Wiola! :)
think I missed a part... where is this CB coming from? (nice nickname, CB) I'm glad for you for the new ride, look interesting -I mean, something that give you the chance to work on, to improve and "pick out flowers from a muckheap" (to use an italian expression)... let us know, what is the situation now, how are you planning to work on it, and of course, keep us updated with the progresses!!
:) Mak

Unknown said...

Hey Mak!
CB - Cleveland Bay ;) He is quite an impressive horse - 17.2hh, never really been trained properly but is adorable. I feel all over the place in his saddle though, it's massive! Started lungeing him in a chambon and will continue for a couple of months.
Hugs :)

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