Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Good feedback

Today was yet another very nice day at Hall-Place EC. I had an instructor's training with Patrick Print FBHS, Chairman and Chief examiner of British Horse Society so decided to ask him whether he thinks I could do my Stage IV this year. Well, he said that after watching me riding on the flat (we didn't jump) I should have no problems and he seemed confident with this statement. As I have had very little to do with the BHS training system (I just went and took my exams) I don't know exactly of what is required at Stage IV Riding (the syllabus isn't that clear and you can easily be fooled). It was great to hear a good feedback from someone who actually decides who passes and who doesn't ;))
The ambitious plan is to close the year with both Stage IV and Intermediate teaching Test...will see :)
Now, I just need to save for the exams' fees!

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Rising Rainbow said...

That should make you feel good, not to mention add a bit of confidence. I always feel better when someone with credentials gives that kind of feedback.

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