Sunday, 23 March 2008


The weekend was freezing! It was incredibly windy and snowy causing a bit of a havoc in the arenas! Saturday blows were rather spectacular and I was very grateful to be able to escape to the indoor school at Hall-Place. Unfortunately, some of my lessons were bound to be outdoors and my cheeks weren't too amused to say the least. I was absolutely freezing by the end of the day. To add to my misery it took me almost three hours to get back home on Saturday as Easter isn't too good a time to use public transport...
Today was nicer commute wise and I was at Barnfield right on time. It was so pretty with humongous snowflakes whirling about :) There was very little wind which made everything much more pleasant.

And this is Cleo the cat who insisted on cuddles while I tried to read a Horse mag at lunch time!



Rising Rainbow said...

I can't believe you give lessons out in that stuff. We must be bigger wimps here in the states. lol

Unknown said...

Haha, tell me about it! I don't really like teaching in the rain and wind but hey ho.
One day I will make sure my own place have a lovely big indoor school ;)

Anonymous said...

It's cold enough teaching/riding in an indoor in weather like that - let alone doing it outside! BRRRRR. I'm super ready for spring.

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