Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Professional pictures from Munstead

If you are feeling brave and want to try to find them here is how to do it:
Go to then click on "Click here to find your events", then go to Munstead 21st March Show Jumping, then go to page 6 and ours are pictures from 0841-0845 (I like the 0842 and 0843 :). The 0844 is weird as his take off point was just at the bottom of that oxer :(

XC Pictures: as above but go to Munstead 31st March XC, then go to page 6, our are images starting in the first raw (last one on the right): 0484 to 0487.

I wish it was possible to link to them but it isn't :(



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the 483. You should frame it since it is so fantastic:-)

Unknown said...

Hey Candy! 483? I don't think that's me and Hamlet!
Did you mean 843?

Beckz said...

843 is a gorgeous photo, he looks very very cute.

Unknown said...

Thanks Beckz, he is a very handsome boy indeed :) I was very pleasantly surprised to see how he used his body over those jumps as believe me he can be very inefficient in this department ;)

Candace said...

Ha ha! Yep. 843 is the one I meant. I can type, I swear! You and Hamlet are still looking fantastic though :-)

Unknown said...

No worries Candy, of course you can type ;)))xxx

Anonymous said...

Photos are great - did you order any ?
See you tomorrow night
Pauline :)

Unknown said...

I actually did! I ordered one from SJ and one from XC as will need them for the "portfolio" :)

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