Saturday, 1 March 2008

XC clinic with Lucy Thompson - Chilham Park

Today, Hamlet, myself, Hamlet's owner - Jenny, and her second horse -Kiri, set off to beautiful Chilham Park for a XC clinic with Lucy Thompson.
It was a fantastic day and great learning opportunity. Full report is on Hamlet's training diary.

I am shattered but in the same time would love to set off to Chilham again and correct my mistakes! Well, at least my drop position isn't bad. Cross country is a new play to me and I am only starting to learn so there is plenty to work on. At least I got told my drop position was classic, meaning very good ;) Secret: many, many hours watching Burghley Horse Trials on DVD !! Visualisation is a powerful tool!



Rising Rainbow said...

This is the clinic you have been talking about for a while. I will go and check out how it went. Classic is always a great compliment as long as it's something classic "good." lol

Beckz said...

He looked awesome in his pictures, looks like he really loves his cross country.

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