Monday, 10 March 2008

Tea, biscuits and paperwork! And crazy rain outside...

While some horses narrowly escape death in stable as gales hit Britain my day also got completely rescheduled due to the weather.
I usually start late on Mondays, sleeping until late morning to get rid off tiredness accumulated during my busy weekends and then staying in bed reading towards my next exams or watching some competition DVDs.
Sometimes I get messages in the morning and I am usually worried about those as I seem to envisage some tragedy happening for some reason (like Hamlet going lame, some other horses colicking or riders breaking legs etc) - silly I know but what can I do.
So this morning's news included one cancelled lesson, friend enquiring whether I could school her horse today and Hamlet's owner telling me how nicely waterlogged and windy there was in Kent!
Up I got to make myself a cup of coffee and one glance at my patio told me that the night wasn't particularly peaceful! My garden furniture were all over the place entangled in some sort of debris brought in by the wind.

Coffee and bowl of muesli later the rain and wind arrived again, vicious and strong. I resigned myself to staying at home and sorting my paperwork. Having received some documents from Revenue & Customs I guessed it would be wise to finally go through them, fill in everything nicely and send it back as asked.

Around 3pm, when I would normally be schooling Hamlet, the weather got better - how annoying!! In a spur of moment I decided to pop out for a little while to do some food shopping and maybe some non-horsey clothes shopping. I should really get a few items that I can wear in the "real world" rather than have a full wardrobe of breeches and horsey stuff!! The boots I teach in also need replacement after two years of excellent service but typically for me I ended up coming back with a book! Grrr
It's Zara Phillips's autobiography, a book I really wasn't going to buy...I should really have gotten it from Amazon anyway!
This is why I don't go shopping too often ;))

At the moment I am just sitting here, tea and biscuits generously supplied by Ricky, catching up with my emails, updating my friends on my whereabouts and sharing the tale of my earnings with HMRC.

For those of you who think about going self-employed here are a few links (get those biscuits out!) :

* HMRC Self - Employment
* Self-Employment Check List
* Assess your chances of survival going Self-Employed

I hope the weather improves tomorrow! Forecast isn't too good for the next couple of weeks but maybe it will at least be rideable.


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Rising Rainbow said...

The weather isn't good here either. I am ready for spring.

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