Monday, 19 May 2008

Back on Columbus's back :)

Pic.: Columbus saying hello...

After winter of various difficult circumstances Columbus and his owners are back on my clients list. For those of you who don't know, Columbus is a 17hh ish Cleveland Bay gelding with good bloodlines and even better appetite! We met in summer last year. He's a good doer who can get himself into a right state after gorging on grass and I must say he wintered very "well" ;) The Big Man has rather substantial fatty deposits but is now back into systematic fitness regime and who knows we might have a play with some local unaffiliated dressage tests once he muscles up and gets fitter.

He had a bit of a strop to start with but once over he remembered everything we worked on last year and I was really pleased with him. He makes me work mega hard as he is so wide that he virtually eats the whole of the length of my legs (not that there is much to it anyway!) but after riding him any other horse seems supple, narrow and easy ;) Riding Columbus feels like being sat on the top of a mountain!
You can find more on the adventures of the Big Man on his blog.

Pic. Ending the day with an evening walk...loved the clouds today!


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