Wednesday, 21 May 2008

FAO: All those who leave messages on my answer phone.....

Dear All,
Please note that if you leave a message on my answer phone regarding lessons and ask me to call back but you don't leave your phone number I cannot return your call...It unfortunately isn't enough to say 'please call THIS number' as some of the numbers show simply as "Unknown" and the phone system cannot read them for some reason (hence I cannot return the call).
So, if Dave and Anne are reading this, thank you for calling! I am not being rude not calling you back; your numbers shown as 'unknown' and I just don't have your details! Please ring again.
Thank you :)


Rising Rainbow said...

I have to laugh about this. It is my pet peeve also. That and people who leave their numbers but say them so fast, I can't understand them. Neither works.

Unknown said...

LOL at fast speakers (or people calling from the noisiest places with the line breaking;) - had it all!

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