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BHS Stage III Preparation - Element 1 (Clothing)

The Element 1 is just a formality as well as some others but since I am doing it from the beginning I will go over all of them regardless the level of difficulty.

Learning Outcomes Element Assessment Criteria Influence

The candidate should be able to:

**Put on exercise / schooling bandages, and know their benefits and disadvantages.

The candidate has achieved this outcome because she/he can:

1.1.1 Demonstrate correct application and securing of exercise and/or schooling bandages
1.1.2 Explain consequences of poor application of exercise and
schooling bandages.
1.1.3 Give examples of suitable materials to use for protection under

Reasons To Bandage

Leg bandages are beneficial for several reasons:

- Provide support for tendons and ligaments during strenuous workouts
- Prevent or reduces swelling (edema) after exercise, injury or during box rest
- Protect legs from concussion and impact
- Shield leg wounds from contamination and aid in healing.


"Bandaging is a skill acquired with practice. It has a variety of purposes — warmth, support, protection and immobilisation. Whatever the specific use of the bandage, it must be correctly applied to give firm, even pressure. If a bandage is too tight, it can restrict the circulation and lead to the formation of pressure sores or serious injury such as tendon damage. If a bandage is too loose, it will not serve its purpose and can become a hazard to the horse." Full Article: All About Bandaging by Luisa Smith MRCVS

Applying Hock Bandages

Applying A Hoof And Lower Leg Bandage

Applying Sweat Bandages To The Horse’s Leg

(I don't think I have heard of these before in these terms but the article makes an interesting read...)

Applying Pressure Bandages

Using tail bandages

Bandaging Awkward Areas (Photos)

Exercise Bandages Made Easy

Questions and Answers on Bandaging

When is it appropriate to bandage a leg or wound? If it is appropriate, what is the best material to use? There is a growing variety of commercial bandaging material available to the horse owner and veterinarian; Read full article: Wrapping It Up/The

Cold Therapy & Ice Bandages

Video 1: Applying cold therapy to a hock

Video 2: Applying cold therapy to a knee

ALTERNATIVES...what's on the market...

Video 3: How to fit a brushing Boot

Exercise Boots

Travel Boots, Poll & Tail Guards

Competition Boots

Bandages and Pads

Therapeutic Boots

Brushing & Tendon Boots

Stretch & Flex® Training Wraps

**(2008 Equilibrium Catalogue )**

Pic.1 Pic.2
Innovative ACAVALLO (Source: Equine Sports Physio) all in one bandage (Pic.1) and gel under bandage (Pic.2). They are said to: "Greatly reduces the risk of tendon injury caused by over tight bandaging. Provides additional protection from knocks and bumps. Easycare - washable in warm water. Available as an elasticated stretch exercise bandage or acrylic wool stable bandage.
Bandage with complete confidence with these ACAVALLO GEL UNDERBANDAGE WRAPS. Avoid creating damaging pressure on vulnerable tendons.".

Shaped to cover fetlock area. Gives extra protection from knocks.


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