Friday, 30 May 2008

Challenging a grassroot level rider...

Following my discussions with riding schools I work at I have now received 'all clear' to prepare proposals for some riding courses I have been thinking of running for a while.
The first two in the pipeline are based on courses I was involved in organising years ago in Poland but will obviously be richer in content and spiced up by my increased knowledge and experience ;))
The working titles for the courses are:
  • 'EQ Coach Dressage Challenge' (In Short: an 8 weeks course consisting of workshops on understanding riding biomechanics - both rider's and horse's, stretching exercise sessions for riders, understanding dimensions of the dressage arena, and of course, ridden sessions all geared towards dressage & More)
  • 'Equestrian Boot Camp - NOT for fainthearted!' (In Short: An 8 weeks course consisting of theory workshops on rider's biomechanics, lunge lessons with elements of vaulting (low key, no somersaulting required;), flatwork and jumping sessions without stirrups/reins, fast hacks/fitness rides, stretching sessions for riders & More).
I am preparing full programmes today and once they are ready I will post the content on here. Please feel free to contact me with ANY suggestions/constructive criticism/feedback. I can be contacted via comments on this blog or at ridinginstructor at

IF we have riders wanting to sign up for these courses, I am thinking of creating additional blogs which will monitor their progress allowing them to write their own feedback etc - agreement of the riders depending!!


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