Sunday, 25 May 2008

Just a few pictures...

I must say, sometimes, I have so much fun and feel so rewarded (meaning personal satisfaction - do not confuse with adequate financial reward!) by my job that I catch myself thinking 'Ermm, should really do some work now...' ;)
However, I still haven't figured out how to survive the time spent on topping up my qualifications not to mention building some half-decent competition record. You see, in the ideal world I would prefer to do a Dressage Apprenticeship Scheme alongside further BHS exams but that's not exactly possible (meaning: can't afford not to work). In fact, all seem to be money related which is both frustrating and annoying. It almost seems as if I was standing in front of a beautiful castle which can be mine; all I need to do is to open the door. And I have no keys...

I wish I had more interesting problems than financial worries but I am afraid this is the only thing concerning me right now. Everything else seems pretty much to be going the right way.
Anyway, a few pictures from the weekend...Left and below - I haven't been out of the arena for ages so taking a hack out on Saturday morning made a fabulous start to my day:

And trying to take one of those 'muzzle perspective pictures' ;))

Pic.: Sunday. P., an ex-racer, trying to eat my hand while I let him so I can take this unnecessary photo ;) He wasn't angry by the way, just desperate to eat my hand ;)


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Rising Rainbow said...

I can totally relate to your dilemma. Money always seems to be interferring with my plans as well. I love the analogy about the castle and the keys.

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